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How to disable my theme’s author box?

This article applies to any version of the plugin, release 2.0.7 or higher.

Many themes include their own author box on the post layout, most commonly underneath your post’s contents. While handy in some cases, they cannot be customized and lack all the features that Molongui Author Box has. So, if you are using Molongui Authorship plugin, you will surely want to disable such basic author box, so just the Molongui one is displayed.

To disable your theme’s author box you have two options:

  1. Using your theme options, so the author box is not displayed at all.
  2. Making use of the advanced setting that Molongui Authorship has that allows you to hide any element on your site just by specifying its Id or CSS class.

The first option is preferable, but not all themes have such setting. So just try looking into your theme options for anything similar to “Enable author box” or “Show author box” and disable it. Below we explain how to disable the author box in some of the most used themes: Avada, Flatsome, Extra, Genesis…

How to hide a DOM element by ID or Class using Molongui Authorship settings

If your theme has no option to disable its author box, you can use Molongui Authorship “Elements to hide” setting. Just inspect your website’s source code to identify the ID or CSS class the author box has. Once identified, go to: Molongui > Authorship settings > Advanced. There you will find the mentioned setting. It is an text input field where you can write in as many comma-separated IDs or CSS classes as you need (remember to prefix IDs with a hashtag, like #, and CSS classes with a dot, like .). All the elements with those IDs or classes will be hidden (not removed) from your website’s frontend.

Avada theme

How to disable author box on Avada theme

From your WordPress dashboard, go to: Avada> Theme Options > Blog > Blog Single Post. There, you will find an “Author Info Box” toggle. Just turn it off and Save Changes.

Flatsome theme

From your WordPress dashboard, go to: Flatsome > Theme Options > Blog > Blog Single Post. There you’ll find a “Enable Blog Author Box” checkbox. Just uncheck it and Publish.

How to disable author box on Flatsome theme.

Extra theme

How to hide author box on Extra theme

From your WordPress dashboard, go to: Extra > Theme Options > Layout > Single Post Layout. There you’ll find a “Show Author Box” option. Just toggle it to “Disable”.

Genesis themes

How to disable author box on Genesis themes

From your WordPress dashboard, go to: Users > Your Profile > Author Box. There, you will find a “Enable Author Box on this User’s Posts?” checkbox. Just uncheck it and save

MH Magazine theme

MH Magazine theme will automatically display an author box on your site when the author has filled in his biographical information under “Users > Your Profile > Biographical Info” in the WordPress Dashboard. To override that behavior and to not display author boxes on your site anymore, you can navigate to “Appearance > Customize > Layout Options” in your WordPress dashboard. There you will find an option to disable the author box.


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