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Known Issues

Molongui Authorship plugin works great with just about every plugin and theme, and especially with the most popular ones. However, some plugins are incompatible with Molongui Authorship or they might cause some functionality from Molongui Authorship not to work as expected.

Here we listed the known plugin conflicts with Molongui Authorship and added an alternative to almost each of them. If you experience compatibility issues with other plugins please let us know about them.

Creativo theme + WordPress Importer

The issue described below only happens when both, Creativo theme and WordPress Importer plugin, are active. Creativo filters the ‘add_metadata’ function so there cannot be any post meta with the same key, not allowing non-unique keys. Which is required by our plugin and many other.

ISSUE: When adding multiple authors to a post, only the first and last ones on the list are saved.

FIX: Disable WordPress Importer. Luckily, that is a plugin you would normally use once. So deactivating or uninstalling it after having imported your content is not a problem.

WordPress Popular Posts

ISSUE: The author name displayed on the list of popular posts is wrong. It displays the name of the author of the current post.

WORKAROUND: Because of how WordPress Popular Posts is coded, there is little we can do. So if you want to use both plugins, the only workaround we can think of is to configure that plugin to not display the author name. We know that’s not a solution, but it is the best we can offer. To do so, just go to Appearance > Widgets. There, go edit your WordPress Popular Posts widget and uncheck the “Display author” checkbox under the “Stats Tag settings” section.

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